4.UltraSonic Flaw Detection Machines – A Scan + B Scan

We are the manufacturers of Ultrasonic Flaw detection machine TRS-1000, this is a single rail tester (SRT) with software analysis and has the ability to A-scan + B-scan continuous recording for more than 10 km of rail length.

TRS – 1000’ has 10 channels, which help in bigger coverage, and more angles to simultaneously detect multiple flaws in one go.

Major features:

  • TRS-1000 is designed as per world standard. 

  • Use of 37º F & B probes specific for Bolt hole defects

  • Separate Channel for 45º probes for detection of transverse defects below scabbed area of rail

  • B-Scan facilities along with A-Scan

  • 60 days data continuous recording in B-Scan Mode

  • Off line data analysis facility 

  • Conversion of B-Scan data into A-Scan

  • Need not to disconnect any probes during use of 45º hand held probes i.e separate channel for 45º probes.

  • Can also be used for AT weld testing of rails

  • GPS facility for determining defect location