BridgeWatch® provides the ultimate solution for convenient and reliable management and presentation of your structural monitoring data and information. It is a web-based system, providing real-time access to your data 24/7, via PCs and other mobile devices.

It has an incredible user-friendly interface and is available across PCs and mobile devices, providing real-time access to your data 24/7. The user displays can be based on maps, plans, drawings, sketches, photographs, and 2D or 3D graphics. The specific web pages for your system will be configured to your unique requirements.

The main features of BridgeWatch® are:

  • Web-based access to monitoring data

  • Compatible with all Strainstall structural monitoring systems (where remote data access is available), regardless of application, data acquisition system or sensor mix.

  • Can work with monitoring systems from 3rd party suppliers

  • Data transferred from site to secure servers

  • Trigger and alarm notification capability – email and SMS

  • Secure login to clients' own project pages

  • Automatic generation of time-history plots for sensors/ groups of sensors

  • Intuitive user interface leads rapidly to the data plots

  • Print reports directly from the website

  • Full data sets can be downloaded

  • Dedicated team to manage the data monitoring process

  • Automated routines for checking validity of data

  • Additional data verification by experienced professional bridge and structural engineers

BridgeWatch® is used to monitor:

  • Strain (hence stress/ load)

  • Displacement/ deflection/ tilt/ inclination

  • Temperature

  • Vibration/ acceleration

  • Crack opening

  • Settlement

  • Ground movement

  • Ground water levels

  • Foundation scour

  • Wind and other environmental conditions