Bridge Health Monitoring

Monitoring Services (BHMS)

Bridges are continuously subjected to destructive effects of material aging, widespread corrosion of steel reinforcing bars in concrete structures, corrosion of steel structures

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Smart Asset Management

Services (SAMS)

BridgeWatch® provides the ultimate solution for convenient and reliable management and presentation of your structural monitoring data and information.

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Scour and Flood

Monitoring Services

Bridge scour is the removal of sediment such as sand and gravel from around bridge abutments or piers. Scour, caused by swiftly moving water, can scoop out scour holes, compromising the integrity of a structure

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Ultra Sonic Flaw Detection

A Sacn + B Scan

We are India’s first and only manufacturer of Ultra Sonic Fracture detection B-Scan machines, which has the ability to record continuous B-scan of 50 km of rail length corresponding to A-Scan echo..

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