Bridges are continuously subjected to destructive effects of material aging, widespread corrosion of steel reinforcing bars in concrete structures, corrosion of steel structures and components, increasing traffic volume and overloading, or simply overall deterioration and aging. These factors, combined with defects of design and construction and accidental damage, prompt the deterioration of bridges and result in the loss of load carrying capacity of bridges.

Our structural health monitoring service for bridges are aimed at allowing optimal use of bridge by minimizing downtime and avoidance of catastrophic failures.

We have designed variety of predictive bespoke services, which are listed below:

Bridge monitoring &  Instrumentation

Bridge monitoring &  Instrumentation

We deploy a wide range of sensors and instruments to ensure that bridge performance meets with the design requirements. We provide bespoke solutions that monitor deflection /displacement , inclination ( angular displacement), crack movement, strain, vibration, environmental ( weather , temperature) and other parameters to provide advanced warning of any structural deterioration in order to identify  problems , determine the cause and the most appropriate action.

We provide bespoke solutions that will accurately monitor the variations of the following categories :

  • Deflection / displacement

  • Inclination (angular displacement)

  • Crack movement

  • Strain/Stress

  • Vibration

  • Wind and Weather

  • Temperature

  • Seismic loads

  • Corrosion status

  • Traffic loads and flow

Bridge evaluation for higher axle loads and speeds

Bridge evaluation for higher axle loads and speeds

Excess load can cause serious damage to the structure, through our controlled testing measure coupled with highly experienced team of  professionals we can accurately prove whether the required load or speed can be borne by the structure and if not simultaneously recommend corrective measures.

Bridge Strike monitoring

Bridge Strike monitoring

Our railway bridge strike system provides the bridge owner with immediately accessible information on the severity of a bridge strike via a signal box display to the local signaler and infrastructure maintainers. iii.It has been devised to be cost effective for widespread installation, without compromising on accuracy and performance.

The system can be installed at any point in a bridge’s operational life and applies to a range of different structures of all sizes and configurations, covering both road and rail. Benefits include:

  • Every bridge strike is logged

  • Identify offending vehicles for the recovery of repair costs

  • Avoid unnecessary closures and restrictions

  • Improved public safety

  • Responding and introspecting the defects

The system ensures that operators are aware of every strike that occurs, meaning that appropriate maintenance can be completed, protecting public safety and demonstrating due diligence on the part of owner / operators. 

Rock fall monitoring

Rock fall monitoring

Rock fall protection is the key element in ensuring smooth functioning of rails especially in areas that are prone to damage from rock falls and debris flow.

We have variety of mesh systems that are selected according to site conditions clubbed with our real time warning system to enable smooth functioning of rails and avoiding rail speed restrictions.

Embankment and landslip monitoring

Embankment and landslip monitoring

Our highly advanced embankment and landslip monitoring system helps to protect road and railway line. We use time domain reflectometry (TDR) to monitor the movements in embankments and slopes.

By installing either vertical or horizontal cables in embankments or slopes, movement of slip planes , shear zones, or tension cracks can be easily detected making this a highly effective and economical method for embankment monitoring.